Retail Photo Slideshows for In-store Video Displays

Every business is looking for an edge to enhance their brand and increase sales. A professional looking video slideshow display has a wow factor and is a proven method to attract clients to your business.

Imagine a hi-impact, professional photo slideshow playing on a standard TV in a window or in-store display. They have a hypnotic presence. People stop and look, mesmerized by the visual feast in front of them. A photo slideshow could contain information about your business, images of your companies work, a catalogue of products or new products and services you may be launching. The sky is the limit to what a retail photo slideshow might contain.

Retail Photo Slideshows

Video Essentials will work closely with you to customize a video display that will make your business stand out from it’s competitors. We can combine photos, graphics, logos, video, text and music to create this powerful marketing tool for your business. Each image has a customized animated effect attached to them and high impact transitions to make the retail photo slideshow flow seamlessly.

Our professional editors will ensure you’ll end up with a stylish, sophisticated and professional looking photo slideshow to showcase your business. It’s the most cost-effective marketing tool you’ll ever purchase.

Retail Photo Slideshows

What we include:

Prices start at $120 for a retail photo slideshow similar to what is shown in the sample photo slide-show video. (Excluding text) You can loop up to one hundred photos edited to music from our copyright free, professional music library.

The end product is an MPEG4 file which will be provided to you on a USB stick. The USB is simply inserted into the TVs USB slot. You then select USB as the source, then press play. Your new photo slideshow will start playing immediately.

By using the most sophisticated and powerful software on the market, Video Essentials can create a retail slideshow quickly and cheaply. We guarantee your businesses’ photo slideshow will be ready for pick-up within 24 hours of us receiving your JPEG files.

Prices for a retail photo slideshow start at $120

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