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At Video Essentials, we understand that organising a funeral service can be a difficult time for everyone. Not everyone who would like to is able to attend, and those that do, are often lost in the emotion of the day.

When you wish to capture the day as a memorial tribute, we create touching funeral videos and funeral service video productions that allows the viewer to feel like they are there.

It’s also allows you to look back at a later time at your professional funeral video when emotions have settled. You can revisit the funeral ceremony, eulogies and the family and friends who attended, with your fitting tribute to your loved family member.

At such a difficult time, when everything is happening so fast around you, it’s easiest to leave the video production to professionals.

We present your funeral video as both a professionally produced video DVD and an MPEG4 video file, for those who are unable to attend the ceremony.

We can have an MPEG4 video file of the funeral online and ready to be viewed and downloaded within 24 hours of the funeral.

We also can have 6 complimentary DVD’s available for you within 48 hours.

Funeral Videos

Video Production Packages – Melbourne

Basic Funeral Service Package

Servicing the greater Melbourne areas, we capture the ceremony using a multiple video camera system, that allows us to take in and capture all elements of the funeral service together with crystal clear audio.

In this way, we are able to record the celebrant, music, speakers, and more, so nothing is missed, leaving you free to spend time with your family and friends, and later, in your own time, take in the words and thoughts that were spoken during the service.

Sample Funeral Video

What we include:

This is a two camera mix to ensure no part of the funeral service is left out and our microphones will be mounted on the lectern to ensure optimum sound quality.

We film the arrival of guests, the funeral ceremony and up until everyone leaves the church or funeral chapel. We will arrive 30 minutes before the funeral service and work until everyone has left the venue, regardless of the length of time. (See the sample video below)

The funeral video footage will be fully edited with professional titles, music and mastered to a DVD and MPEG4 video file.

The end product is usually around 60-90 minutes in length.

We can have an MPEG4 video file of the funeral online and ready to be viewed and downloaded within 24 hours of the funeral.

We also can have 6 complimentary DVD’s available for you within 48 hours.

The price for the Basic Funeral Service Package is $550 incl GST.


Funeral Video Services

Full Funeral Service Package

In addition to recording your funeral service, we can also attend the crematorium or cemetery and attendance at the wake or refreshments and further record the guests.
Funeral Videos
What we include:

This includes everything in the basic package, plus attendance at the crematorium or cemetery and attendance at the reception / wake / refreshments, following the funeral service.

Our camera person will leave the reception after 20 minutes when all guests have been captured on camera.

The price for the Full Funeral Service Package is $650 incl. GST

Funeral Video Services

Funeral Photo Video Slideshow to Play at the Ceremony

Video Essentials can create a touching photo video slideshow tribute for your funeral, by taking your personal photos and videos, and producing a photo video slideshow presentation that is set to music, that you can then play as part of the funeral service.

We can supply you with a DVD or MPEG4 video file of the slideshow.

Learn more about Funeral Slideshows

Sample Funeral Slideshow

Funeral Video Services

Recording of eulogy or tribute off-site prior to the funeral ceremony.

In the situation where a mourner wishes to give a eulogy, but because of illness, difficulty of travel, or the emotional and physical stress, pre-recording a eulogy or tribute in the comfort of their own home, can be a far easier alternative.

We will come to you in the peace and privacy of your home, and professionally record your eulogy or tribute.

Our camera person will attend one location in metropolitan Melbourne to record the eulogies or tributes of one or more people.

These files will be mastered to a DVD so they can be played during the funeral ceremony.

The price for recording of eulogy or tribute is $200 incl. GST

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